Defiant Whisky Joins the Zero South Expedition

Supporters, partners and media will enjoy tasting Defiant Whisky, the official spirit of the Zero South Expedition.

This partnership includes involvement with movie and TV productions.


ZERO SOUTH means ZERO fossil fuels to the SOUTH Pole. The expedition will be powered by batteries and biofuels. There is intentional irony in repurposing the Hummer H1, which many view as a contemporary symbol of gross consumer waste and inefficiency. Others view it as a remarkable multipurpose machine capable of extreme on- and off-road performance. But no matter which way the audience is “polarized” by the vehicle, this adventure will appeal to everyone. We will bring our audience with us on a modern-day, Polar adventure that relies on the latest hybrid-electric technology to power a team to the South Pole–and in doing so, we will spark a global desire to recycle, reuse, repurpose and rethink the world we live in.

Using the latest camera technology, we will document every step of this incredible journey as a televised series and subsequent feature film beginning at Sony Pictures Studios (ZERO SOUTH headquarters) with the arrival of two, bone-stock civilian Hummers, all the way to the final moment when the team plugs in the vehicles at the ceremonial South Pole. The core content for the production will be produced in 4K-3D using the Sony F-55 camera, allowing for multiple distribution formats, including a 10-episode television series (in 3D, 4K or HD) and a feature film in both 3D and 4K.

ZERO SOUTH will inspire the same excitement of adventure and scientific discovery that humanity experienced during the heroic age of exploration in the early 1920’s, and convey this wonder to a new generation of explorers.  The completion of the expedition will coincide with the 100-year anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s most famous Endurance expedition.  A century ago, the great South Pole explorers used technology that included skis and dogs and coats made of caribou fur.  The ZERO SOUTH team aims to arrive with technology that will advance humanity for the next 100 years.

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